Photography: Sympathy Card 1

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Identifier: 15ARCH09
Unfortunately, Iollan’s career was cut short. In 1934 and at 10 years old, Iollan was killed during a steeplechase at Aqueduct. While in the lead, he landed wrong off the thirteenth jump, breaking his leg. There was no way Iollan’s leg could have been fixed and the only thing to do, according to the veterinarian, was end his suffering. Dorothy was heartbroken over the loss of her horse, and had him buried at Raceland Cemetery. She received many sympathy cards after his death.

"June 28th 1934
Dear Dot,
I just want to tell that we all mourn Iollan- a wonderful, courageous horse ___ whom we loved ___ and I know how hard his loss must be for you ____ I’m so sorry___
Ever affectionately

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