Photography: Sunnyside Newspaper Clipping

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Identifier: 15ARCH11
Very little is known about Dorothy's life after Iollan’s death, except that she went on to purchase land called “Sunnyside,” which consisted of 23 acres in Warrenton, VA. She apparently build a house on this land and lived there until her death, which is speculated to have been in 1990.

The following is facsimile of the title and first paragraph of the photographed newspaper article:

"'Sunnyside sold to Miss Dorothy Nyhart'
Tract of Land on Bethel Road Purchased by Warrentonian. Will Erect Home There.
Miss Dorothy Nyhart, formerly of Massachusetts, near Boson, who has made her home in and near Warrenton for the past several years, has bought from Mrs. Jeannette Barr Derby, a tract of land on the Bethel road, of about thirty-three acres, known as "Sunnyside." Miss Nyhart who is proprietor of The Little Shops will tear down the frame now standing of the building which nearing completion during the ownership of Mrs. Derby, was destroyed by fire, and will erect a modern residence. The sale was made by D. H. Lees and Co...."

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