Photography: Milwood Hunt Journal

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Identifier: 15ARCH05
Photograph of Neyhart's Millwood Hunt Journal.

Neyhart became very prominent in the Millwood Hunt Club during the 1920s. The Millwood Hunt Club is located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1866 by Mr. E. F. Bowditch as the first hunt club in New England and the third hunt club in the nation. Although the Club began to lose popularity after Bowditch's death in 1892 and the Millwood pack and country was inherited to N. I. Bowditch, its popularity was revived in the early 1920s. Mr. John P. Bowditch became the first Master of Fox Hounds (MFH) in 1922. Millwood country covers 6 square miles. Many hunts and horse shows occurred on this land. The Millwood Hunt Club members wear green and a mustard colored collar when they hunt; this color combination is also used for evening dress.

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