Photography: First Page of Milwood Hunt Journal

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Identifier: 15ARCH06
"The Opening Meet of the Milwood Fox Hounds Waveney Farms October 1st 1925 at 6:30 A.M."
7 1/2 Couple American Fox Hounds Master J. P. Bowditch Huntsman F. E. Tatreau First Whip Dorothy Neyhart Second Whip J. R. Bird Third Whip M. Carol
The Field Mrs. Emery Anna Clark Elizabeth Clark R. F. Perkins Ruth Neyhart A. Neyhart Betty Choatz
Beautiful light day. Drew cover at Cole's working north in Martins where hounds found deer scent. Ran big buck down through reservoir district, across Horse Show Ring over State Road to reservoir, where hounds unfortunately found doe. Were called off with difficulty at 11:30 A.M."

Neyhart became involved in the Millwood Hunt Club and wrote about her experiences from October 1925-January 1926. She spent many years with the Millwood Hunt Club, serving many roles. One of the roles Neyhart filled during her time with the Millwood Hunt Club was the role of whipper-in from 1925-1927. A whipper-in is someone who helps the huntsman handle the hounds. Her journal, written between October 1, 1925 and January 11, 1926, shows that she was whipper-in in most of the hunts that went on during those years.

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