Photography: Iollan Newspaper Clipping

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Identifier: 15ARCH08
One of the biggest accomplishments of Dorothy’s career, and what brought her the largest amount of fame, was a thoroughbred named Iollan. Iollan was one of the five horses that Dorothy and her sister Ruth purchased from Ireland while they were staying at the sporting estate of Bective House in County Meath during the summer of 1926. Iollan was purchased for $250. In June 1928, Iollan won the Eastern Dog Club steeplechase. Iollan was incredibly successful for the next six years, participating in both steeplechases and flat races. Because of his talent and success, it became questionable on November 22, 1929 as to why Iollan did not do well in a race in Bowie, MD. Apparently, Iollan’s stablehand was offered $500 by a negro if he would allow him to give Iollan a dose of medicine before the race, but the stablehand refused. After returning from dinner that night, the stablehand found a bottle of fluid in the stall with Iollan. It was then assumed that the man had snuck into the stable and given Iollan the medicine while the stablehand was at dinner. Although this caused Iollan to act very much unlike himself and to perform poorly in the race, he recovered quickly and was able to continue racing successfully during the years that followed. His most important races included Saratoga, Aqueduct, Belmont, and Seagram. In 1930, he won the Grand Annual at Brookline.

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